Glass panelling offers unlimited creative freedom

HOESCH glass panelling for bathtubs or whirltubs is now available in 213 RAL colours.

This range of colours allows you to colour-coordinate the tubs to perfectly match the surfaces or glass panels of other furnishings. The toughened safety glass features an EverClean coating. Thanks to EverClean the glass surface stays smooth and shiny with minimal effort.

Not enough choice? Pick your favourite colour or image!

For an even more unique solution, HOESCH offers the glass panelling in other colours or with an original print on request. Imagine the unlimited design possibilities: a photo from your last holiday, your company logo, the colour of your favourite flower or a particular pattern on your glass panelling. A stylish finish with a beautiful lasting shine. Turn your bathroom into a cosy space with this unique design.

Easy to install on every HOESCH tub

The elegant bathtub apron is suitable for almost all of HOESCH's rectangular and trapezoid tubs. For bathtubs as well as whirltubs, for niche, corners, free-standing or back to wall  bathtubs. Installation is extremely easy and convenient: the glass panelling is simply fixed to a prefabricated frame using a magnet system. It can therefore be removed or replaced quickly – a major plus point particularly when carrying out maintenance or repair work on a whirltub. The joints of the glass panels are covered elegantly with aluminium profiles.